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Used Car Sales Agreement This is a contract made between the , and the , for Name of Buyer Name of Seller the sale of Seller s , , . Car Model Car Make The vehicle is a Year of Car List detailed description
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Hello and welcome once again to Latos law I'm Steve late to eternal in Michigan from practicing honor for over 24 years in the fields of consumer lemon law I often write about the stuff for places like Jalopnik opposite lock road and track and I've even written 15 books including my most recent book Preston Tucker and his battled to build the car tomorrow it's got a foreword by Jay Leno if you want to copy this book for less than Amazon sells it contact me directly and I'll hook you up it's hardcover Preston Tucker ins battle to build the car up tomorrow shoot me a note it late till it kenan calm le HT kenan calm and I'll hook you up today's topic is the automobile purchase agreements explained I feel the need to explain the automobile purchase agreement to everybody because I get phone calls my office every single day and emails from people who think they've been ripped off and they may have been but I can't help them because the purchase agreement they sign at the time they bought their car stops them from going after the person who ripped them off now I'm talking about cars sold by dealerships either new or used and the purchase agreement which controls that transaction so you buy a car truck at a car dealership and you were used you're gonna sign a purchase agreement that Purchase Agreements gonna control much of what you can and cannot do from that point forward so it's important that you understand the purchase agreement so the most common thing I hear is someone says you know something I talked to a sales person who told me all kinds of things that turned out to not be true and now I want to go back and try to sue that person and I say well did they make any of these statements to you in a writing that's of course not sales person is just talking say well if you look at the purchase agreement you sign or the buyers order or whatever it's called when you look at that document someplace on there is a statement that says statements about the car are only binding if they're in writing verbal and oral statements of the seller do not count and they've actually given themselves this huge loophole they can climb out of because chances are that the stuff they told you they did not put in writing so the salesman tells you anything unless he writes it down or she writes it down you can pretty much take it to the bank that that's meaningless and if you asked them to write it down you'll watch them backpedal and realize Oh turns out the person's not telling me the truth or at least this is not enforceable so if someone makes a statement to you when you're buying a car and it seems important to you ask them to include it on the purchase agreement that's the only way that statements coming in for most likely so statements made by the seller or sales people or anybody the dealership are probably not enforceable unless they're written on the purchase agreement and that's the number one thing that kills claims people want to bring later about bad cars they...
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